3 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Village With a Work Shed

Posted on: 23 January 2019


While you may be ready to leave your home and move into a retirement village, you may not be so happy to lose the work shed you have at home. If you like working on projects in your shed or simply appreciate some bloke time surrounded by your tools, then this will be a big loss for you.

However, many retirement communities have a communal work shed or workshop on site. What are the benefits of moving to a village where you can share workspace with other residents?

1. Get Fully-Kitted Workshop Space

Retirement villages have their fair share of residents who have a tradie background or who simply like tinkering on craft or construction projects. So, it's common to find a workspace on site that all residents can use whenever they want.

You'll generally find that you get plenty of space to work and plenty of tools to work with. While you can take your own tools with you when you move, you may also get access to machines, equipment and tools that you don't own. You may lose your own work shed, but you could get access to a bigger and better-equipped space than you currently have.

2. Meet Like-Minded People

The work shed on a retirement village is often a hub for people who like working with their hands. Having a common interest is a great way to break the ice.

While residents use this space to work on jobs or projects, it's also a good way to build your social life in the village. You'll have people to chat and work with. Plus, at the end of the day, you may even find yourself having a few beers with your new mates.

3. Learn New Skills

The people who use workspaces in retirement villages will have diverse skills and experience. Some are hobbyists who have learned things as they go along; others have had formal training.

While you can just work on your own projects if you like, you'll also benefit from other people's skills and experience. You may learn new skills and get expert help when you need it. You can also pass your skills on to other people.

So, if you love your current work shed, then look at retirement villages that have a dedicated workspace on site. Make sure to pop into the area to check it out and to meet any residents who are working in there.