Elderly Population Who Have Physiotherapy: 2 Benefits To Expect

Posted on: 28 August 2017


It is not a lot of fun watching a parent age. The person you looked up to as a child as being able to do anything is now showing signs of decreased vitality and has less range of movement. You want to help your parent during this stage in any way you can, and you have heard that physiotherapy is a good option for older adults. But, how do you sell this idea to your mum or dad? Here are two benefits your parent experiences when attending regular physio appointments.

Reduced body pain

The caveat to this statement is dependent on what is causing the body pain in the first place. However, pain which radiates from muscles can be reduced by massage. When a physiotherapist correctly massages your parent's sore muscles, they increase the amount of blood flowing through this area. Blood flowing through the blood vessels brings oxygen with it. When muscles don't get enough oxygen, they cramp and cause pain. With oxygen returned to the muscle, it will relax and no longer hurt.

Sometimes a lack of muscle support is a reason for body pain. Physiotherapy can also help here because the therapist can teach your parent a range of exercises they can do at home to strengthen the weak muscle. The stronger the muscle is, the more support it provides. Once the muscle has strengthened, the bone it surrounds is once again held in place and not under strain.

 Increased mobility

Many seniors have a fear of falling and doing significant damage to their hip or other fragile bones. This fear is stronger when they are suffering from an ailment which leaves them unsteady on their feet. However, physiotherapy helps strengthen muscles so the person can move with more confidence. Stronger knee muscles, for example, lead to a firmer step while climbing up and down stairs. Stronger leg muscles mean your parent can walk more confidently when moving around the home.

Explain these benefits to your elderly parent and ask them to accompany you to an initial consultation with a reputable physiotherapist in their area. All physiotherapists must be licensed after completing their training in  Australia, so there is no need to your parent to fear a lack of qualification or proper training. At the initial consultation, the physiotherapist will discuss your parent's current body ailments with them, and recommend a course of treatment to help them become stable on their feet once more.